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Growth plus is another masterpiece from Dr. Deepak Kumar (Adarsh Ayurvedic). In fact - it's a cross between chyawanprash and Badam Pak, but only concentrated, without sugar and in pill form. In one word - everything you could dream of! :)

Growth plus is a General tonic for the body with a very wide range action. However, unlike most medications of this group, its action is intended to balance and normalize the body so that he could recover and function properly without the aid of a microscope.
Growth plus has a strong immunomodulirutee action, balance metabolism, strengthens the immune and endocrine system, preserves tissue young, and the brain alert and active, regulates the activity of the digestive of the intestinal tract.

Indications: Lowered immunity, all kinds of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, loss of voice, cardiac diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, disorders of spermatogenesis, PMS, infertility.

Content: extracts from Guduchi, Gokshura, Amla, Jatiphala, Javitri, Lavang, Aila, Suksmalia, Dalchini, Pipali, Patraz, Nagakesar, Pushkaramul, Karkatashringi.

Dosage/Application: Adults – 1-2 tablets 2 times per daily before meals. Children – 1/4 to 1/2 tablet twice a day before meals.

Original name: Growth plus Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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