In today's life, every human is suffering from some disease. A lot of money are also spent to cure the disease. Today we know an Ayurvedic treatment that can cure many diseases without spending.

Recently, when the outbreak of swine flu increased, people reached the shelter of Ayurveda. Giloy's name came up for discussion as a treatment. Giloy or Guduchi, whose scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia, has an important place in Ayurveda. It is also called Amrita or Amruth.

You may have seen Giloy's vine but could not recognize it due to lack of information. Giloy grows as a vine and its leaves are like betel leaves. Calcium, protein, phosphorus are found in sufficient quantity in Giloy leaves. Apart from this, there is also a good amount of starch in its stems.

You will also be surprised to know these benefits of Giloy:

1. If you have anemia then using Giloy leaves will be very beneficial for you. Giloy is helpful in relieving anemia. Taking it mixed with ghee and honey ends blood loss.

2. Some people have severe burning sensation in the feet. There are also some whose palms always remain warm. Giloy is very beneficial for such people. Prepare a paste by grinding Giloy's leaves and apply it on the feet and palms in the morning and evening.

3. Taking Giloy is very beneficial for jaundice patients. Some people take it in the form of powder and some people boil its leaves in water and drink it. If you wish, you can also grind Giloy leaves and mix it with honey. It is beneficial in jaundice and the patient becomes healthy quickly.

4. To get relief from cough, make a decoction of Giloy and consume it with honey. Taking it after eating twice a day is more beneficial.

5. To prevent asthma, mix Yashtimadhu powder with Giloy powder and take it twice a day with honey. This mixture is also effective in relieving other respiratory problems.

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