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Garnin is a wonderful stimulant of the digestive system. Garnin rids the body of stagnation in the digestive tract, stimulating the elimination of AMA by improving metabolism and relieving intestinal spasms. Garnin intensifies as the fire of digestion and stimulates the intestines.

Garnin reduce inflammation in the stomach and large intestine, improves appetite and cleanses the intestines.

Indications: weak digestion, colic, indigestion, disorder of digestion, bloating.

Content: Kajjali, Hing, Sunthi, Maricha, Pippali, Shuddha vatsanabha, Chitrak, Cavya, Yavani, Saindhav lavan, Sauvarchala each 10 mg, Kapardak bhasma 20 mg, Lasuna, Bal Haritaki, Kshara parpati, Amalaki, Suwarijika Kshar each 40 mg, Shankh bhasma 80 mg, preservative Sodium benzoate, permitted colour.

Original name: Garnin, 100 tablets United pharmaceuticals.

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