Face wash Orange-Aloe Vera Patanjali, 60 grams

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Face wash Orange-Aloe Vera gently cleanses the skin from impurities, dead cells and toxins that accumulate on the skin. This cleanser combines nourishing and moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera and the astringent orange peel. Him and Tulsi adds a disinfectant and healing effect.

Face wash Orange-Aloe Vera suitable for daily care of skin of all types.

Content: extracts of Aloe vera 80 mg, Neem 0.5 mg, Tulsi 0.5 mg, Orange peel 5 mg, Aqua, Soft soap base, Vitamin E, Diazolidinyl , Urea & IPBC, Sugandhit dravya, permitted colours and preservatives q.s.

Original name: Face wash Orange-Aloe Vera, 60 grams Patanjali-Divya Pharmacy.

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