Diabet Guard GoodCare, 100 grams

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Diabet Guard is a complex ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

It stimulates endogenic insulin production. 

Diabet Guard benefits:

  • it can be used as monotherapy at early stages of diabetes;
  • it is useful in obesity and dyslipidemia in diabetic patients;
  • it improves insulin production and peripheral glucose absorption;
  • it is a good adjuvant therapy in complex cases of diabetes;
  • it diminishes secondary complications of diabetes.

Indications: diabetes, type 2.

Content: Momordica Chirantia, Azadirachta Indica, Curcuma longa, Phyllantus emblica, Acacia catechu, Cinnamomum tamala, Pure ashphaltum, P. marsupium, Picrorhiza kurroa, Cimicifuga racemosa, Plumbago zeylanica, Gimnema sylvestre, Tinospora cordifolia, Е. jamboiana, Trigonella foenumgraeceum.


Dosage/Application: 1-2 teaspoons twice a day 10 minutes before meal.

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