Diabecon Himalaya, 60 tablets

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Diabecon is a complex ayurvedic medicine for both types of diabetes. 

Due to its antioxidant property, Diabecon protects pancreatic beta-cells and increases C-peptide level. Due to its healing properties, Diabecon protects kidneys, liver and blood vessels from hyperglycemic damage.

It decreases the main symptoms of diabetes, like polyuria, burning sensations in hands and feet, craving for sweet food. 

Diabecon causes mild effect, so the symptoms disappear gradually during first 2-3 weeks of treatment. Moreover, Diabecon diminishes secondary complications in diabetic patiens.

Diabecon benefits:

  • it is used in treatment of diabetes, type 2. At early stages, Diabecon monotherapy is possible;
  • it is used as an adjuvant therapy of diabetes, type 1;
  • it prevents secondary complications in diabetic patients;
  • it protects liver, kidneys and vessels from hyperglycemia negative impact.

Indications: diabetes, type 1, as an adjuvant treatment; diabetes, type 2, as a monotherapy at early stages or together with other medicines in severe diabetes 2. 

Content: Meshashringi, Pitasara, Yashti-madhu, Saptarangi, Jambu, Shatavari, Punarnava, Mundatika, Guduchi, Kairata, Gokshura, Bhumyaamlaki, Gumbhari, Karpasi, Daru haridra, Kumari, Triphala, Guggul, Shilajeet, Sushavi, etc.

Dosage/Application: light form of diabetes: 2 tablets twice a day 30-40 minutes before meal (breakfast, lunch). Severe diabetes: dosage can be increased by 1-2 tablets. Or as prescribed by physician.

 Blood sugar control is required.

Side effects: overdosing may cause stomach irritation and itching.

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