Henna, 200 grams
Henna is an effective natural product for coloring and caring for hair and scalp. Henna restores the structure of th..
Kesh King hair oil, 100 ml
Kesh King hair oil reduces hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair. This oil nourishes hair bulbs, which improve..
Kesh Nikhar, 100 grams
Cache Nikhar - dry herbal shampoo. This shampoo is a great alternative to modern means on care of hair. It contains a co..
Discount -25%
Keshohills, 60 tablets
Keshohills, 60 tablets
Sale - best before 12/2022. Keshohills - tablets to improve hair growth. The composition of this medicine includes all m..
$9.2 $7.0
Kuntalakanti tailam, 200 ml
Kuntalakanti tailam is one of the most efficient oils for hair treatment. It stimulates hair growth, making it thick, si..
Mahabhringraj tail, 100 ml
Mahabhringraj tail one of the most effective means for hair treatment in Ayurveda. Mahabhringaraj tail returns hair to i..
Meera hair wash, 120 grams
Natural herbal shampoo Meera consists of herbs, roots and flowers used in Ayurveda for hair care. It nourishes and stren..
Meghdoot hair pak, 100 grams
Meghdoot hair pak - shampoo consists of medicinal herbs, roots and flowers used in Ayurveda for hair care. It nourishes ..
Discount -4%
Menosan, 60 tablets
Menosan, 60 tablets
Sale - the foil on the plates is slightly broken, all tablets are sealed properly. Menosan is a highly medicine that h..
$9.3 $9.0
Navratna oil, 100 ml
Navratna oil is a universal oil that is equally effective as a painkiller for inflammation of the muscles and joints and..
Neem Sat Shampoo, 210 ml
Neem Sat Shampoo Khadi is useful for dandruff and hair falling specially used for hair skin disease and mental tension.C..
Nilibhringadi keratailam, 200 ml
Nilibhringadi keratailam - ayurvedic herbal oil for hair treatment. It prevents hair loss, dandruff and fights premature..
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