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Cholest guard - a safe approach to heart disease prevention is an effective Cholesterol fighter, straight from Mother Nature. 

Cholest Guard is a proven & unique formulation which eliminates cholesterol and harmful fat from the system by increasing the hepatic uptake. It reduces Cholesterol and in turn keeps the heart, kidneys and brain healthy.


Helps remove deposited cholesterol from blood vessels.
Acts as an unique tonic for heart muscles.
Reduces the risk of cerebral & cardiac stroke.
Prevents the rise of blood pressure.


 Active ingredients :

Guggulu Purified - Normalises lipid metabolism, promotes hepatic intake of deposited cholesterol & converts them into non-active form.

Arjun Chal - Acts as a tonic to the heart muscles & blood vessels, restores the elasticity of blood vessels.

Lashun - Increase HDL, LDL ratio by altering the metabolism of lipids & protect the vessel walls from oxidative damage & plaque formation.

Zinger - Promotes digestive power thereby reducing cholesterol production.

Chai - Natural anti-oxidants, removes excess fat from the body and corrects the vascular disorders. Contains No Sugar, Chemicals or Preservatives.

 Dosage/Application: 1-2 Capsules twice a day or as directed by Physician.

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