Cow's milk is very useful for children and the elderly. The use of cow's milk gives our body the ability to fight diseases and maintain good health. Regular consumption of cow's milk improves blood, memory and concentration, is a source of calcium and vitamin A.

When inflammation or irritation of eye: dip the cotton into the milk and place on eyes, irritation will pass quickly. You can also drip a few drops of milk in the eye.

Flatulence: mix with 250 ml cow milk, 250 ml of water and 5 black peppers. Bring to boil and keep on low heat until the volume is reduced in half. When the mixture has cooled, filter it. Before taking add to the mix a bit of sugar. This will save you from the problem of flatulence.

Isabgol with hot milk helps with constipation and hemorrhoids.

Cow's milk is rich in calcium. When the problem of calcium deficiency, osteoporosis drink warm milk in the evening. This will make your bones strong.

Pimples, black spots on the face: Rub the milk from the cow in the face before going to sleep, after half an hour wash the face with clean water.

Diarrhoea: add a pinch of cinnamon to hot milk. It will relieve the diarrhoea. For older people double the quantity.

Asthma: Boil the leaves in milk Pippali. Add sugar before taking. Take this mixture for several days. It will give relief in asthma.

Migraine: The use of condensed natural milk (not canned) with hot milk before sunrise, helps with migraines. Drink almond milk to ease the symptoms of migraine (refrain from food two hours after that).

Health benefits from eating cheese (paneer).

Eating cheese makes bones strong and improves digestion. Eating raw paneer can reduce stress.

Healthy teeth: Calcium is very important to strengthen the teeth, and cheese is rich in highly absorbable calcium. the content of calcium contained in cheese. Cheese increases the secretion of saliva and protects the teeth from acids and sugars.

Stress: If you're not sleeping at night or suffer from stress, eat cheese before bed. This is due to the fact that the cheese contains the amino acid tryptophan, which helps to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Immunity: Consumption of cheese increases the body's resistance to disease.

Joint inflammation: One of the reasons for arthritis is calcium deficiency. Paneer is the best remedy for those who have this disease. Remedy for arthritis is consumption of protein, calcium and lots of vitamins and minerals, and are all present in the cheese.

Comment from the translator: please note that the Hindus never drink milk without any spices and especially not drink it cold. In addition, in India cow's milk is lower in protein and much lower fat content - typically about 1.5% or less, it is much easier to digest. You also need to understand that Indians from childhood consume milk in large enough quantities and they have saved the necessary enzymes for its digestion. And finally, it is believed that in India milk is of type A1 (good for health), and we mainly have A2 type (harmful).

It is also worth to note that dairy products are contraindicated in the presence of tumors.