Nirocil, 30 tablets
Nirocil - tableted extract of Bhumiamalaki. This plant has a unique hepatoprotective properties and is a part of many ..
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180 грн.
Adarsh Ayurvedic
Panchamrit Loh Mandur, 40 grams ~100 tablets
Panchamrit Loh Mandur, 40 grams ~100 tablets
Panchamrit Loh Mandur - multicomponent complex medicine Northern school of Ayurveda. The combination of herbs and minera..
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250 грн.
Panchatikta Ghrit Guggul, 100 tablets - 50 grams
Panciatichi grit Guggul is a classical medicine used to cleanse and detoxify the body. This medicine is effective in the..
315 грн.
Pancreafyton, 90 tablets
Pancreafyton is used to maintain the normal functioning of the pancreas. This drug prevents inflammation, normalizes the..
113 грн.
Pure extract
Punarnava extract, 60 tablets
Punarnava extract, 60 tablets
Punarnava is very famous medicine known mainly as a diuretic. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory property and is ..
245 грн.
Correct description
Punarnavadi Mandur, 50 grams ~ 140 таблеток
Punarnavadi Mandur, 50 grams ~ 140 таблеток
Punarnavadi Mandur is primarily used for the treatment of anemia. Additionally, this medicine is indicated for diseases ..
450 грн.
Correct description
Raktashuddhi, 120 tablets
Raktashuddhi, 120 tablets
Raktashuddhi is used to treat skin diseases and purify the blood. It relieves skin irritation and inflammation, reduces ..
290 грн.
Samahan hot drink, 50 pc
An ancient recipe of tea Samahan has long been known in Sri Lanka for its remarkable properties. Initially, it wa..
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780 грн.
Sanshamani vati - Giloy extract, 60 tablets
Sanshamani vati is one of the best immunomodulators, indicated for colds, especially those accompanied by fever. This me..
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200 грн.
Shilajeet Gold, 20 capsules
Shilajit gold is a unique combination of Shilajit, gold, saffron and other components, which aims to replenish energy an..
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535 грн.
Shilajit vati, 40 tablets - 10 grams
Shilajit vati has a wide range of applications. This medicine is a broad-spectrum tonic actions increasing the Ojas (lif..
135 грн.
Shiva gutika, 100 tablets - 50 grams
Shiva gutika or Shiva gulika - the integrated product which includes a mummy (shilajeet) and a large number of different..
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300 грн.
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