Chyawanprash, 550 grams
Chyawanprash is one of the best immunomodulators in Ayurveda. It is a rejuvenating tonic, rich in vitamins, mineral..
Cranberry, 90 tablets
Cranberry is an effective immunomodulator; it is often used to prevent colds with low immunity. It is also used for dise..
Deva vati, 60 tablets
Deva vati is a complex medicine, which possesses good antioxidant and purifying properties. Deva vati also has an a..
Dizomap, 100 tablets
Dizomap - complex supplement, which improves digestion. Dizomap tones the digestive system, indicated for weak digestion..
Drakshadi kwath, 100 tablets - 100 grams
Drakshadi kwath (Drakshadi vati) is a well-known medicine used for treatment of the digestive system and liver disorde..
Elecampane, 90 tablets
Elecampane has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, expectorant, diuretic and wound-healing properties. This drug is indica..
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Fenugreek, 90 tablets
Fenugreek, 90 tablets
Fenugreek has a very wide range of useful properties - it improves immunity, has a tonic and tonic effect. It is especia..
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Fiber Weight corrector, 150 grams
Fiber Weight corrector contains an optimal composition of medicinal mushrooms and plants and is an ideal weight correcto..
Fibre Actofood, 150 grams
Fiber Aktofud - taste of health - is a natural source of health and beauty of your skin. This complex contains all the v..
Fibre Detoxan Flax, 150 grams
Fiber Detoxan Flax consists of 7 food and medicinal plants that are unique in terms of their cleansing and healing effec..
Fibre Detoxan Oats, 150 grams
Fiber Detoxan - Oats contains only natural ingredients that help detoxify the body at the level of cells and intercellul..
Fireweed, 90 tablets
Food supplement Fireweed has a wide range of useful properties. This drug has immunomodulary and blood purifying pro..
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