Eating cucumber in summer season is very beneficial for health.

Vitamin C, B1, B6, D potassium, phosphorus, iron etc. are found in cucumber. Regular intake of cucumber juice makes the body strong. Eating this keeps hair healthy. Cucumber juice kleanse teeth.

Cucumber relieves constipation. Cucumbers contain an enzyme called epsin, which aids digestion of proteins. Eating cucumber regularly is beneficial in problems like gas, acidity, heartburn. Those who are troubled by obesity, they should consume it in the morning. By adding salt, pepper and lemon to the cucumber salad, it tastes more delicious, as well as helps in digesting the food.

Mix milk, honey and lemon in cucumber juice and apply on the face and hands and feet, the skin becomes smooth and shiny.

Eating this keeps hair healthy. Cucumber juice kleanse teeth.

 There are many more benefits of eating cucumber. Let us know today about it…
1. Constipation is cured by eating cucumber.

2. Toxic material comes out of the body after eating cucumber in excess quantity.Cucumbers increase the amount of water in the body. Its juice is also beneficial in stone - some people believe that eating cucumber daily can dissolve kidney stones.

3. Cucumbers contain high amounts of potassium and silicon. Both these minerals are very important for healthy skin.

4. Cut the cucumber like slices and keep it above the eyes. This makes the eyes cool. Cucumber is used to reduce irritation.

5. Eating cucumber reduces the risk of cancer. Cucumbers contain ingredients such as Psychoisolarycrisonol, Laricrisnol and Pineorisnol. These elements are effective in the prevention of all types of cancer.

6. Cucumber juice contains ingredients that activate the pancreas. When the pancreas is active, insulin is produced in the body, which helps in fighting diabetes.

7. Eating cucumber lowers cholesterol level. It also reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

8. It cures jaundice, thirst, fever and burning sensation of the body and all Pita disbalances.

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