Amla candy, 250 gr

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Amla or Amalaki (also called Nelli, Dhatri and Avla) is one of the most famouse and also most used Ayurvedic medicine. It is both - a food and medicine. This little fruit is known by its innumerable health benefits that can ever be imagined. That’s why huge quantity of ayurvedic medicines contain amla.

Rishi Charaka told that Amalaki is the best anti aging herb.
Amalaki has five tastes – sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent (all the five tastes, excluding salt). Sour is dominant taste. Usually sour taste increases Pitta, but Alma balances all three Doshas.
Also, amla is the main ingredient of famouse ayurvedic tonic - Chyavanprash.
- rejuvenating body, it’s most effective anti aging herb, aphrodisiac;
- very good for eyes, improves vision power;
- useful in throat diseases, improves voice, good for throat;
- useful in bleeding disorders, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia etc;
- general heart tonic, good for blood and very useful in anaemia;
- good tonic for liver;
- relieves burning sensation.
Content: Amla extract (emblica officinalis).
Dosage: one teaspoon twice a day before food or as directed by physician.
Side effects: There are no actual side effects. It is safe in children, pregnancy and lactation.
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