Agnikumararasam gulika, 100 tab

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Agnikumararasam gulika is a great ayurvedic medicine from Kerala Ayurveda school. The name “Agnikumararas” means “ever young Agni”. It activates digestive Agni, causing general rejuvenation of the organism. It is helpful in many kinds of indigestion, low appetite, acute and chronic fever, Kapha-type of fever.

In the case of lymph nodes inflammation it is the best to take Agnikumararas with ginger juice. To boost the effect, it is good to combine this medicine with Dashamoola and Kanchanar guggul.

Agnikumararas benefits:
  • it helps to relieve different types of fever and inflammation: fever with indigestion, chronic fever, fever due to Kapha imbalance, cold, cough rhinitis, sprue, diarrhea, bronchitis, asthma, other inflammatory conditions;
  • it is used in diseases, where ‘Ama’ is predominant.

Indications: chronic conditions, ama-vata, samana, apana disorders, lung problems (udana-vata), asthma, bronchitis, many chronic upper respiratory tract disorders, indigestion, sprue, diarrhea.

Content: Maricha, Ugra, Kushta, Musta, Visha.

Dosage: For children: prophylaxis of seasonal diseases, Agni-stimulation (to boost the appetite) 1 tab. 2-3 times a day 5 minutes before meal during 21 days. Adults: the dosage should be increased to 2 tablets. In chronic ama-Vata conditions in elder people: 3 tab. 3 times a day. Or as prescribed by physician.

Contra indications:
  • high Pitta, hyperacidity, acute ulcer, stomach cancer;
  • it should not be indicated to pregnant women.

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