Incense sticks Sandalwood Vetiver (Incense sticks Sandal Vetiver), 10 PCs

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In one of our visits to India our friend gave us a package sticks. When we lit the wand from the packaging, the room instantly enveloped in delicate, clean and light as from the expensive perfume, the smell. Never previously, we have not seen such. And we've never met these sticks on sale. And about Maroma we then we still knew nothing. And now, a year later, we saw these sticks from our supplier. He told us told that this all-natural sticks that use only natural essential oils. Then we decided not to put them in sale - the price was very high. But to indulge in the pleasure we failed since we tried to use only them.


Now we decided to share with you our discovery, especially over time, we realized that one stick is enough for a very long time (we her light 2-3 times - the smell of a wand very strong).


Content: essential oils of sandalwood and vetiver.

Original name: Incense sticks Sandal Vetiver Maroma.

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