Cytokruel - Cruel, 30 cap

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Cytochrome (, Kruel ) - complex race-a medicine belonging to the category of Ayurvedic rasayanas, which is a highly effective tonic for the body. Titokrol fills the body with energy, enhances immunity, improves stamina and vitality of the body, allows to confront incurable diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. In addition, Cytochrome can be used in anemia, bone disease. Also, Cytochrome improves the regeneration of tissues and blood.

Indications: Oncology diseases, low body tone, chronic diseases, the recovery period after a long illness.


Sarveshar Parpati: 14,4 mg – made from precious stones, fifteen metals, Shilajit and many other valuable medicinal funds. Tonic and detoxifying remedy, the Builder of tissue and cells blood.

Hira Bhasma (diamond ash) – is a powerful tonic, nutritious and eroticeskie action. It gives the body strength and power, protects life, increases sexual energy and Ojas.

Suvarna Bhasma: 3.6 mg – crushed gold. Valuable mineral composition, tonifies the brain, cleanses the blood, is a powerful antioxidant.

Ras Sindur No 1: 14,4 mg – red sulfide of mercury. General tonic tool. Cures all kinds of diseases and harmonizes the operation of all organs and systems in the body.

Karpur Ras: 14.4 mg camphor Calomel Mercury. Effective cirrhosis the liver and syphilis, cures various inflammations of the organs of the body. Good tonic.

Tampa Bhasma: 27,6 mg of crushed copper. Sedative, antispasmodic, providing power and energy to the body.

Swet Mirch: 42мг . An antipyretic that prevents the regular recurrence of the disease, and is effective in fevers.

Dolgo (Lavanga) – Lugenial Caruophyllata. Improves blood circulation, acts as gastric stimulant, antispasmodic, causing the discharge of gases.

Abhrak Bhasma: 17mg – ground mica. Excellent medicinal means for balancing Tridosha, helps in the treatment of all types of diseases. A good tonic.

Panna Bhasma: 0.5 mg. Effective way to combat cancer, tuberculosis and diseases of the bones. A good tonic.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules 2 times daily or as directed by your doctor.

Cytochrome is a complete analogue of (as zastavku and action) of the medicine Crawl and produced by the same manufacturer under a different brand.

Original name: Cytokruel - Cruel, 30 cap AyuKalp - Unjha.

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