Eye drops Trikul, 10 ml

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Eye drops Trikul protect eyes from all pollutions and adverse environment the modern city, give symptomatic treatment and relief the vision disorders help to maintain visual acuity. Trikul maintains visual acuity and, with prolonged use, some cases improves vision. Useful in cases of chronic of conjunctivitis, progressive premature cataracts.  Trikul used as an additional tool for the treatment of various eye diseases, improve the process of recovery.

These drops are safe with long-term regular use, have no side effects, easy to carry.

Eye drops Trikul is a good solution when progressive cataract and as eye drops common action to maintain visual acuity.

Indications: acute and chronic conjunctivitis, dry eyes, prevents the development of cataracts, protects the eyes dust, fumes and the excessive temperatures. Used as an antiseptic non-irritating lotion and as a prophylactic against infections.


Content: sterile water Trifala extract – 25%, Boerhaavia Diffusa (Punarnava) – 7.5%, camphor – 3%, Ocimum Sanctum (Tulasi Patra) – 5% rose water at 59.5%.


Dosage: 2-3 drops before bed and 2-3 drops in the early morning. In acute conjunctivitis and other acute eye infections use Trikul every hour or as directed doctor.

Original name: Trikul, 10 ml Trimed ayurveda.

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