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Kajuput oil is a great antiseptic and analgesic medicine. It relieves efficiently inflammation of joints in arthritis and gout, radiculitis and neuralgia. Kajuput oil is very helpful in strains, sprains and bone fractures as it reduces swallowing and pain. It has many indications in dermatology, including dermatitis, psoriasis, for cosmetic purpose.

In internal use, Kajuput oil cures gastritis and bloating. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, Kajuput oil treats respiratory tract infections, laryngitis, otitis, urinary tract inflammations.

Kajuput oil is a good remedy for hair care and it prevents dandruff. 


Indications: common colds, laryngitis, otitis, rheumatism, influenza, bronchitis, ulcers, dermatitis, psoriasis, urethritis, cystitis, vaginitis, arthritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, neuritis, gout, toothache, parodontosis, dandruff.


Content: 100% Melaleuca leucadendron.

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