Gulkand, 500 gr

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Gulkand - preparation consisting from rose petals and sugar. This is a very tasty and healthy a product that can be used as a daily dessert, giving but pleasure and even health benefits.

Unlike Gulkand from rose jam is primarily with the method of preparation. This the product is boiled and infused in the sun for months. It allows to save all useful properties and the refined taste of pink petals.

In addition to high palatability, Gulkand has many useful properties. It is a wonderful tonic for the digestive system, calms the nervous system and is anti-aging remedy.

Content: rose petals, Cane sugar.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day.

Original name: Gulkand Shri Ganga.

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Child heath

Nervous system, brain tonics

Digestive system

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